We always talk about brushing your teeth twice a day, however brushing with the correct technique is just as important. To put it simply, you CAN over brush your teeth. 

Over brushing can lead to damage to both your teeth and gums. You can wear away the enamel and expose the underlying softer layer of your teeth. This leads to a greater risk of decay, sensitivity and pain. You will also notice your gums starting to shrink away.

Toothbrush Abrasion

This occurs when the tooth structure is mechanically worn away using a foreign object. An overzealous toothbrushing habit, will wear away the enamel of your teeth and exposure the underlying dentine layer. This layer appears shiny with a yellow and brown appearance. 

Tooth Sensitivity  

Exposing the underlying dentine layer, means the nerve endings of your teeth are more responsive to external stimuli. Hot and cold stimuli trigger the nerves inside your teeth to be set off, resulting in short lived sensitivity. It makes hot and cold, foods and drinks considerably less enjoyable. 

Gum Recession

In addition to damage to your teeth, you will notice the gums shrinking away from the tooth exposing the yellowy roots of the teeth. This layer of the tooth is easily worn away and considerably softer than enamel. The appearance of the shrunken gums is also an aesthetic concern for many people. 

Top tips to prevent over brushing? 

  • Avoid using a toothbrush with firm bristles 
  • Avoid using toothpastes with highly abrasive ingredients 
  • Choose a toothpaste with the optimum concentration of fluoride 
  • Avoid an aggressive brushing technique, your bristles shouldn’t be splayed after a couple of weeks of use
  • Don’t brush straight after a meal 
  • Avoid habits such as nail biting and opening bottles or holding objects with your teeth 

Tongue’s products are always designed with this in mind, to protect both your teeth and our planet. 

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Image Credits: https://dentagama.com/

Written by Tongue's Club

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