Do Dentists Recommend Toothpaste Tablets?

Toothpaste tablets have started to become more and more popular over the past few years. However we find many people still asking the question, “Do dentists recommend them?” 

Toothpaste tablets are very similar to traditional toothpaste with a notable exception. The right toothpaste tablet solves all of the environmental problems of traditional wasteful and damaging plastic toothpaste tubes. 

Toothpaste tablets are being recommended by more and more dentists every single day. Particularly so as more dentists are developing a greater awareness of the environmental impact dentistry has on our everyday lives. The right toothpaste tablet is the perfect solution to protecting your oral health and our planet. 

Tongue’s toothpaste tablets have been designed by dentists and are recommended by dentists all over the world as the first-choice toothpaste for many of their patients. 

What Are Toothpaste Tablets?

Before we discuss the reasons why they are recommended by dentists, it is important to first understand what toothpaste tablets are. 

Toothpaste tablets are a dehydrated form of toothpaste. They eliminate the need for single use plastic toothpaste tubes by removing all the unnecessary ingredients and only keeping the essential natural ingredients. 

Did you know, over 1.5 billion plastic toothpaste tubes end up in landfill every single year worldwide? 

Tongue’s toothpaste tablets come in compostable pouches and are certified by TUV Austria as ‘OK compost home’. Our toothpaste tablet pouches will breakdown within your home compost in 180 days and come highly recommended by dentists. It is time to put an end to single use plastics in dentistry. 

As a trusted healthcare professional, many patients highly value the opinion of their dentist and would never use a toothpaste tablet that hasn’t been given their mark of approval. We find many patients will delay purchasing a product until they have discussed all the options with their regular dentist. 

However, when you go to the supermarket or look online there are so many options out there. They lack clarity into which products are going to do as they claim and provide the protection your teeth and gums need. This is a common problem we find many of our own patients experiencing when choosing dental health products. Dentists are becoming more familiar with toothpaste tablets particularly as they are becoming more mainstream and with more patients seeking environmentally friendly alternatives. 

With Tongue’s toothpaste tablets, you no longer have to worry about finding a toothpaste which is recommended by dentists but also protects the planet. 

How To Use Toothpaste Tablets

For first time users, it is a new and different experience using toothpaste tablets compared to traditional toothpaste. It can take some getting used to, but once you have acclimatised to the new feeling, you won’t switch back. The feel-good factor that you are doing something worthwhile for the planet is priceless. Here are three simple steps on how to use your toothpaste tablets:

  1. Remove one tablet from the compostable pouch and chew the toothpaste tablet for a few seconds to break it up. 
  2. Moisten your manual or electric toothbrush bristles with some water. 
  3. Brush your teeth as you normally would for two minutes, twice a day. 

These three simple steps will soon become the new normal. 

The first thing you may notice is toothpaste tablets tend to foam a little less than traditional toothpaste. The reason is that we have chosen to exclude sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) from our toothpaste tablets. SLS as an ingredient is a common irritant to the mouth and key contributor to deforestation. 

Over the past few years, toothpastes have become foamier and there is an illusion that this means better cleaning. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Toothpaste tablets will clean your teeth and protect your oral health just as well as good quality traditional toothpaste, but without the environmental impact of harmful ingredients and damaging plastic toothpaste tubes.  

Dental Opinion 

Over the past few years, dentists are becoming increasingly conscious about the impact they play in the bigger picture of environmental and wildlife damage. To date, there has been a suboptimal offering of eco-friendly dental products, particularly toothpaste tablets, which protect your oral health and our planet. 

There are a number of toothpaste tablets on the market which omit the key active ingredient of fluoride. Fluoride is absolutely critical for the maintenance of oral health. When used in the correct dose, fluoride is safe and highly effective at preventing tooth decay. When making your choice of toothpaste, you should never have to compromise between protection of your oral health and protection of our planet.  

When you opt for a toothpaste tablet without fluoride, you are putting your oral health at risk. Dentists would not recommend toothpaste tablets, or any toothpaste for that matter, that omits the key ingredient of fluoride. Fluoride is the only active ingredient which will adequately protect your teeth against decay. With previously limited options on the market for toothpaste tablets containing the correct concentration of fluoride, dentists have been reluctant to recommend toothpaste tablets to date. 

You can read more information about the importance of fluoride in toothpaste tablets and what concentration of fluoride should be used for which people in this article.

Tongue’s Toothpaste Tablets 

Thankfully, things are starting to change. You no longer have to compromise or choose between your oral health and our planet. You can simultaneously protect both by choosing Tongue’s toothpaste tablets with fluoride. 

They have been designed by dentists to ensure the perfect blend of ingredients to provide all-round protection for your oral health. More dentists are recommending Tongue’s toothpaste tablets every single day. 

Here is a breakdown of the ingredients of our toothpaste tablets and what each ingredient does:

  1. Sorbitol - Low calorie sugar substitute for our sweet taste
  2. Calcium Carbonate - Gentle abrasive to remove plaque, food particles and prevent tooth surface stains
  3. Kaolin - Natural polishing agent 
  4. Sodium Lauryl Sarcosinate - Gentle cleansing and foaming agent 
  5. Sodium Bicarbonate - Removes plaque during brushing 
  6. Hydrated Silica - Natural abrasive to remove stains and keep your teeth white 
  7. Acacia Gum - Plant based to improve shelf life 
  8. Yeast Extract - Naturally antimicrobial to prevent bacterial growth 
  9. Sodium Monofluorophosphate - Key active ingredient to prevent tooth decay (1450ppm)
  10. Magnesium Stearate - Prevents binding of the other ingredients 
  11. Mentha Arvensis Leaf Oil - Naturally minty flavour 
  12. Menthol - Cool refreshing flavour 
  13. Stevioside - Natural sweetener
  14. Mentha Piperita Oil - Cool peppermint flavour 

Each and every one of the ingredients in our toothpaste tablets have been specifically chosen to provide optimal protection for your oral health, with no damage to our environment. 

All of our ingredients are vegan and cruelty free. You can find out more about our vegan and cruelty free products here:

Have You Been Looking for a Vegan Toothpaste?

Cruelty Free Products

Our toothpaste tablets have been formulated by qualified UK dentists and recommended by dentists all around the world as the go-to option for eco-friendly toothpaste tablets. If you are searching for a vegan, cruelty free, palm oil free, SLS free and gluten free toothpaste tablet then look no further. 

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