This is a common misconception. Toothpaste manufacturers have made their toothpastes foamier and foamier over the years. This has made people feel the foamier the toothpaste, the better it works. However, this isn't true.

The foaminess often comes from the use of Palm Oil ingredients. Its use has been a major contributor to deforestation and destruction of the habits of Orangutans, Pygmy elephants and Sumatran rhinos, many of which are already endangered species. This sector has also serious issues of exploitation of workers and child labour.

For these reasons, here at Tongue's, we made the decision to remove Palm Oil from our tablets. So whilst our toothpaste tablets may not be as foamy as what you are used to, it is part of our commitment to sustainable dentistry.

Plus, less foam means you are less likely to be making a mess everywhere. No more dribbling down the sides of your face, ruining your new pyjamas and rushing to the sink to quickly spit out. Once you've got used to the less foam, you'll see all that extra foam was completely unnecessary!

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Written by Tongue's Club

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