Getting your children to adopt good oral hygiene habits can be a challenge, however it is important to establish good routines from a young age. The importance of diet cannot be emphasised enough. Be consistent with your kids and eventually good habits will start to become routine. Here are some top tips to help with getting your children to improve their oral health. 

🌱 Be a good role model, children learn best from imitation

🌱 Involve your children in choosing their own toothpaste and toothbrushes. Simple things such as a colour, can make a big difference

🌱 Establish a good routine with a consistent time of the day dedicated to good oral hygiene

🌱 As dentists, we recommend children should have supervised brushing until the age of seven

🌱 An hourglass or child friendly song can be a helpful and engaging way to track when two minutes are up

🌱 Praise children for good oral care efforts

🌱 Reward children with a stickers or stars on a chart 

Don't forget the importance of using a fluoridated toothpaste and brushing twice daily. It can sometimes be helpful when children receive the same advice from their dentist, so please do ask your dentist to give your children a brushing lesson during their regular check ups.

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