People are becoming more and more aware about the impact of single use plastics and the damage it causes on our environment. Here are some simple and easy tips to reduce your own plastic footprint:

1. Use a reusable bottle

Each day in the United Kingdom, we use over 35 million plastic bottles. A reusable bottle is a simple way to reduce your plastic usage and save some money at the same time. 

2. Avoid plastic straws 

Straws are great for protecting your teeth from acid damage, however avoid plastic straws which are catastrophic for our oceans. 

3. Opt for a reusable coffee cup 

Every year in the United Kingdom, 2.5 billion coffee cups are thrown away, with only a very small percentage recycled. Bring a reusable cup with you and you may even find yourself bagging a discount. 

4. Avoid excessive food packaging 

There are easy ways to avoid unnecessary packaging when making your choices in the supermarket. Picking up loose fruit and vegetables, can often you save you money too. 

5. Find a refill station 

For those products where there are limited choices to avoid plastic containers, you'll be surprised how many places offer refills for your washing up and laundry liquids. 

6. Avoid disposable plastic cutlery

Consider carrying some cutlery with you or taking cutlery to work. Avoid the urge to opt for free plastic cutlery when ordering home delivery from takeaway apps.

7. Don't forget about milk delivery 

Although the milk float isn't as popular as it used to be, lots of places still offer delivery of milk in glass bottles which are then collected and reused.

8. Bring a shopping bag 

The introduction of the plastic bag charge has seen a drop in 85% in their use. Sometimes it is easy to forget, but try to keep a foldaway one in your everyday bag or the side of your car. 

Everyone making some of these small changes on a day to day basis can make a huge difference on the long term impact on our planet.


Image credits: Peter Caton (Greenpeace) 

Written by Tongue's Club

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