Why did we choose Moso bamboo for our toothbrush?

Bamboo is one of the fastest growing plants on earth. The Moso bamboo species needs approximately 5 years to grow to adult height and be hard enough to be processed and created into products. 

Each year the mother plant produces many new bamboo stems that grow to their full length of up to 20 meters. This process happens in a few short months. In a well-managed, mature bamboo plantation the 5 year old stems can be harvested every year. This keeps the size of the forest intact and is absolutely critical to sustainability.  

The choice of the type of bamboo is absolutely critical. Pandas are not threatened or impacted in the slightest by the production of our bamboo toothbrush or toothbrush travel case. Panda bears live in the mountainous areas where their main food source is generally lower species of bamboo. Our amazing pandas live too far away from the areas where the giant Moso bamboo species grows. Just as importantly, the Moso bamboo species are not at all edible by pandas. 

As a general rule of thumb, 20-25% of the poles in a sustainable bamboo forest or plantation can be harvested each year. The important part of this process is there are no decrease in the number of poles per hectare. Compared to trees, these plants does not die after harvesting, therefore no impact on deforestation. On the contrary, by harvesting the mature plants, the yield and quality of the plantation actually increases 🌳

This is all part of our commitment here at Tongue’s, to simulataneously protect both your oral health and our planet 🌍

References: https://www.moso-bamboo.com

Image Credit: https://www.mosobamboosurfaces.co.uk

Written by Tongue's Club

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