Travel plastic free. Ditch the plastic and discover the happier way to travel. Take better care of the planet and yourself with our sustainable bamboo toothbrush case. Perfectly paired with our sustainable bamboo toothbrush with replaceable heads, this case gives your toothbrush all the protection it needs. Our compact and versatile case is made from entirely from Moso Bamboo. 
  • Stunning design
  • Naturally antibacterial and antifungal 
  • Plastic free toothbrush companion  
  • Air hole for easy drying 
  • Travel friendly and compact
  • Sustainably sourced 
  • Designed by Dentists

This stunning 100% Moso bamboo toothbrush case will keep your toothbrush safe and protected. Say goodbye to bacteria and debris collecting on your plastic free toothbrush bristles during your travels. This sturdy and hardwearing plastic free case will complete your sustainable dental collection and give you peace of mind your toothbrush is safe and clean. 

This bamboo case is fully compostable and will breakdown naturally back to the earth without leaving any damage to our planet and wildlife. The naturally antibacterial bamboo is made from one of the fastest growing plants on the earth. One of the key reasons it grows so fast is because bacteria are eradicated when they contact bamboo. What more could you ask for from a toothbrush holder and travel case? 
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