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Dentistry, reimagined.

Ethics & Philosophy 

Made by Dentists, the Tongue's philosophy is products which make a positive environmental impact, and which cause us to think more about our health & wellbeing. In taking better care of your teeth, we're more inclined to be more mindful of our overall health. And the health of the environment around us.

We combine the best in dental knowledge and expertise into our store, creating products which work in harmony with the best dental practice and oral hygiene, and in harmony with the environment. 

Our philosophy is to combine this into the most convenient package available, making it easy to look after your health and the planet at the same time, even if you don't identify as an eco-warrior type! 

Made by Dentists

Our focus as the founders of Tongue's Club is ensuring patients are always put first and every decision is made in conjunction with our patients. It helps build trust and we always involve them in the decision making progress. It is about providing the highest standards of care, not just clinically, but also with communication, developing a rapport and getting to know our patients personally. We focus on building a solid foundation and relationship, upon which we build upon and use that trust to meet our patients expectations with the highest level of care. 

This is the mindset and practice that we want to replicate in Tongue's Club; while not our "patients" we will treat customers with the same philosophy.

Our Story

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